When attuned to the Reiki Ray, various Reiki Symbols are used to awaken your crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras so that they may be prepared to receive and channel Reiki energy. Attunements are powerful energizers and in some cases, may cause a temporary reaction called a Healing Crisis. The body will do what it needs to detoxify and cleanse the channel to tune you up for the purpose of assimilating this powerful healing energy.

Only Reiki Masters can perform attunements. If you’re interested in receiving an individual or group attunement, please contact me for more information.

Reiki is traditionally taught in the West in 3 Levels.

Level 1

Also called First Degree Reiki

The beginning level. The training includes powerful and sacred First Degree activating initiations, information on the History of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, the Hand Positions, instructions on how to utilize Reiki on yourself, family, friends, plants, animals, food, water, etc. During the workshop you experience giving and receiving a Reiki Treatment. In traditional schools, there are 3 attunements (activating initiations) done at the first level. Reiki I is for healing self and others.

Level 2

Also called Second Degree Reiki

Reiki II includes a powerful, sacred Second Degree initiation, which attunes you to dynamic, multi-dimensional energy keys or symbols. Training includes an introduction of three Reiki Symbols.

A discussion of the symbols and their origins as well as their precise usage is given.

Level 3

Also called Master/Teacher Level

Generally for those students who wish to teach Reiki. Includes the Usui Master Symbol, its meaning and application, the attunement process, lots of practice and instruction on how to teach others.