Client Testimonials

When I first started working with Karen I couldn't touch my toes. I had herniated a disc more than a year before and not only was my body tight and stiff, but I was afraid to re-injure myself. Karen came to my house every week for 3 months. We started with gentle yoga, stretching, and continued with Reiki Sessions. Now I am back to turning cartwheels, golfing, and advanced yoga classes. The mental and spiritual components Karen guides you with, her patience and kindness, along with her incredible knowledge of how the human body works, brought me back to life. I'm in better shape now that I ever was! Thank you Karen!
Kacey Morabito-Grean
Cold Spring, NY
Miracles happen with Reiki therapy ~ I have known Karen for a number of years and can say she is really passionate about how Reiki can improve a person's well being. I was suffering chronic back pain for about a month, and at its worst, on Labor Day weekend 2013. I called Karen in tears. She started with Distant Reiki Therapy. I immediately felt better. Then she came over to my home to do a hands-on Reiki session. It should be documented as A Miracle Healing. I was 100% pain free and still am 2 days later!
Jacquelyn Darling
Peekskill, NY
Karen’s unique value as a personal trainer and healer is her overall good energy and ability to sense a client’s need for resistance in a session. She knows how much resistance to apply or how hard or gentle the session should be. Karen can also remove pain and bring energy to the shoulders and upper body by applying pressure through Bodywork and Reiki Therapy. She is also VERY intuitive!
Eric Hartry
San Pedro, CA
Karen provided her services to me as a Personal Trainer and Reiki Practitioner for approximately 4 years. During this time, Karen's positive attitude and encouragement improved my overall health and self-­esteem. Her knowledge in many Holistic types of healing, spirituality and physical growth inspired me to evolve spiritually and develop creatively, giving me courage to obtain holistic training to start a small business.
Athena Concialdi
Redondo Beach, CA