Karen Shaw Reiki Master with arms at her sides next to table with client lying down.

Universal Life Force Energy is channeled through the Reiki¬†Practitioner’s hands in a gentle, non-invasive way, balancing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Reiki Healing energy works on cause rather than effect of dis-ease, opening the body’s energy channels and increasing blood flow to the treated areas.

Reiki helps to clear blockages, release stress, and detoxify, and helps to let go of unresolved issues past or present. This creates a shift in consciousness, evoking peace and harmony.

When receiving Reiki, the recipient is fully clothed, seated in a chair or lying down. A quiet setting conducive to relaxation is desirable. The practitioner resets her hands lightly on, or above, the body on the head, both sides of the torso, and down the limbs as needed. A full treatment is typically 45-60 minutes, but the treatment protocol is very flexible to fit the needs of the recipient.